Excess mortality in refugees, internally displaced persons and resident populations in complex humanitarian emergencies (1998-2012) – insights from operational data

Impact of disasters on child stunting in Nepal?

Press Coverage following Press Conference February 11, 2016, Geneva

What Is the Association between Absolute Child Poverty, Poor Governance, and Natural Disasters? A Global Comparison of Some of the Realities of Climate Change

The human cost of weather related disasters: 1995-2015

Credcrunch 41

Data on disasters: Easier said than done

Looking upstream: enhancers of child nutritional status in post-flood rural settings

Flood-Exposure is Associated with Higher Prevalence of Child Undernutrition in Rural Eastern India

Changes in hospitalization for ischemic heart disease after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake: 10 years of data in a population of 300,000


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